The Truth About SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing has always played an important role in the SEO industry and it will continue to do so in the future because search engines love quality, unique and original content. However, SEO content writing isn’t just about impressing the search engines. If you want your website to move higher in search engine results pages (SERP) and maintain a good ranking, you need to impress visitors of your website as well. SEO content writing is therefore much more than getting the right keyword density and writing META tags. The key is to make content likeable to both search engines and web users.

Keyword Density – How Important Is It

Search engines display websites in results pages according to keywords and keyword phrases that are typed into search form. In order to rank high and attract as many visitors as possible, it is therefore crucial to develop content around most searched keywords that are relevant for your website. It is crucial, however, to avoid excessive use of keywords or keyword stuffing because it can adversely affect your website’s SERP ranking. And besides getting the right keyword density which is according to most SEO content writers about 3%, it is also crucial to make sure that they don’t affect readability.

SEO content writing doesn’t only help you rank higher in SERP by making it easier for search engines to recognise your website’s value. By providing quality, interesting and up-to-date information to web users, they are more likely to leave backlinks to your site on other relevant websites and win you lots of extra points at search engines. These also consider the amount and quality of backlinks when ranking websites and links from satisfied web users (natural backlinks) have the highest value.

Understand User-Friendliness

To impress both search engines and visitors of your website, it is crucial to meet the requirements of both. But besides providing quality, interesting and unique content with just the right keyword density that doesn’t affect readability, it is also important to understand user-friendliness. You can have the best content on the world wide web but visitors of your website may not recognise its value if it isn’t arranged in an attractive way. Most web users don’t really read everything but rather scan websites. Therefore it is a good idea to arrange content in bullet points or short paragraphs with subtitles.

There Can Never Be Too Much Content

Google and other major search engines like dynamic websites that continue to grow and develop. Static websites, on the other hand, usually eventually decline in SERP. To maintain a good SERP ranking when achieving it, you are therefore recommended to continue to add new content or hire a good SEO content writer to do it for you.