Domain Name and SEO – Is There a Connection?

According to most SEO specialists, domain name no longer has the same weight as it used to have just a few years ago. Nevertheless, it continues to play an important role in SEO.

What’s the Connection?

There seems to be both direct and indirect connection between SERP ranking and domain name. Though including target keywords in the domain no longer has the same weight, it appears to be very helpful, especially if relevant for specific industry. But even more important is the indirect connection. Websites with domain names that are easy to remember are more likely to be both visited and referred to by web users, sending search engines a signal that the site is offering a good value to its visitors which in turn is the key to higher SERP ranking.

In addition or according to some, instead of including target keywords, it is actually more important to choose domain name that is brandable, arguing that Google loves brands. If you look at the most successful online businesses, many have indeed established themselves as huge brands even though their domain’s don’t include important keywords or even have a direct association with their industry. Let’s take Amazon for example. There are no keywords relevant for e-commerce or association with retail industry whatsoever. Yet it is the world’s largest online retailer and ranks in the top for just about everything.

Choosing the Best Domain Name

Ideally, your domain name should reflect your business’/website’s identity. Whether to choose a domain that includes target keywords or something completely out of the box depends greatly on your business model, philosophy and long term goals. For example, if you’re creating a company website, it is probably best to use your company’s name to make it simple and build a brand both online and offline. But if you are planning doing business online exclusively, you have much more freedom in the selection of domain name.

For the above mentioned reasons, you are advised to take some time to come up with a name that it is easily brandable. To achieve this, you are recommended to choose a domain that is:

  • short and easy to remember
  • different yet familiar (think on Amazon)
  • easy to spell

Layer3 is Eager to Help

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